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In addition to shrubs, there are several clerodendrum with ornamental flowers that grow as vines. Clerodendrum ugandense butterfly bush an open, evergreen shrub reaching 6 to 10 feet tall by 6 feet wide with 4 inch long dark green glossy leaves. From spring through fall appear the delicate and intricate flowers, suggestive of a butterfly in flight. An excellent, if rather terse, guide to the traditional medicinal uses of the plants of the region the plant is used in a fomentation for the treatment of rheumatism and ague, and as an ingredient of a mixture for treating skin problems. It is native to africa and widely cultivated elsewhere. Clerodendrum ugandense, rotheca myricoides, butterfly. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the safety and antimalarial activity of extracts of ajuga integrifolia, clerodendrum myricoides, melia.

Names of clerodendrum in various languages of the world are also given. This is the plant that drew second looks from the great plant hunters that visit our nursery. Department of anatomy, college of health sciences, addis ababa university, addis ababa. Beautiful twotone deep blue whiskered flowers are born on this bushy plant throughout most of the year. Evaluation of the antiplasmodial properties of selected plants in. The inflorescences, borne at the ends of long arching branches, are. Clerodendrum myricoides ugandense, blue glory bower. Clerodendrum inerme or glory bower plant buhner healing.

Grow under glass in a border or large container with loambased potting compost in full light with some shade and ventilation. Clerodendrum ugandense, blue butterfly flower is an upright grower, with canes which can reach 10 tall, though the height is usually under 6. Flowering time is officially summer through to early autu. It is also known as rotheca myricoides and clerodendrum ugandense.

Glory bower clerodendrum thomsoniae a profuse bloomer and vigorous climber, glory bower is adorned with rich crimson flowers peeking from white, balloonlike calyxes. Rotheca myricoides syn clerodendrum ugandense gardensonline. It is therefore, suggested that further studies are needed for minimization of the observed side effects, while maintaining the claimed medicinal values of the extract. Department of anatomy, college of health sciences, mekelle university, mekelle, ethiopia 2. Image blue glory bower clerodendrum myricoides ugandense syn.

It is currently classified in the subfamily ajugoideae, being one of several genera transferred from verbenaceae to lamiaceae in the 1990s, based on phylogenetic analysis of morphological and molecular data estimates of the number of species in clerodendrum. The pagoda flower is commonly encountered in the asian tropics, where it is popular as an ornamental. In cultivation, it is frequently known by one of its synonyms, such as clerodendrum myricoides or clerodendrum myricoides ugandense references. This ornamental garden plant is native to east africa. A beautiful, large shrub, with masses of purpleblue flowers in spring and summer. The following databases may contain further information on this name. Combining different classes of drugs is now the best method for. In summer, dainty, twotone blue flowers are a feature of this tall evergreen shrub, which is ideal for planting in the background of a shrubby border.

A n open and sprawling evergreen shrub to 10 ft tall and wide. Plants profile for clerodendrum trichotomum harlequin. It is reported that cuttings root easily when placed in water or rooting media. Based on the research paper below it says that it is effective against gram positive bacteria. Practically everblooming, with 1 blueviolet flowers on long. To create this illusion the flower has four petals. Pdf phytochemical constituents of some medicinal plants used by. The dark purple variety is called clerodendrum ugandens. Antimicrobial and cytotoxicity properties of the organic solvent. The crude methanol, methanol residual and ethyl acetate extracts of leaves have been phytochemically. The plant list does not attempt to include all infraspecific taxa.

Clerodendrum ugandense planting, growing and propagating. Dear stephen, one of my friends who practices siddha medicine in india has suggested i try clerodendrum inerme or glory bower plant. Methanolic effect of clerodendrum myricoides root extract. A butterfly, spindasis natalensis, commonly known as natal bar, lives on stems and feeds on leaveseuphylls during the night. Well yesterday my clerodendrum inerme l gaertn came. Clerodendrum paniculatum was first described in 1767 by the father of modern biological nomenclature the swedish botanist, carl linnaeus.

Clerodendrum myricoides ugandense clerodendron bleu. The leaf anatomy of two clerodendrum species verbenaceae p. Rotheca myricoides was clerodendrum myricoides grow wild. Blue butterfly bush, butterfly clerodendrum, blue glory bower, blue glorybower, blue cats whiskers plant characteristics. Clerodendrum is a genus of flowering plants in the family lamiaceae. Pcda fill online, printable, fillable, blank pdffiller. Preparation of aqueous extract of clerodendrum myricoides. Bleeding heart information tips on growing clerodendrum. The plant list includes 701 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus clerodendrum. Our results are different to those of hayelom et al.

The species epithet refers to the large paniculate clusters of flowers inflorescences, the feature which makes this such a visuallystriking plant. Elliptic to ovate leaves to 7 long are a lustrous dark green. There are also native species of clerodendrum, including c. The leaves are squareshaped, and the large heartshaped flowers can reach up to 30 cm. Clerodendrum myricoides is a plant traditionally used for its medicinal value in many parts of the world including ethiopia. Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about rotheca species, blue butterfly bush, blue glory bower rotheca myricoides subsp. Addis ababa university school of graduate studies faculity of life sciences bioactivity guided study on the antimalarial activities of clerodendrum myricoides prevalence of molecular markers associated with bb etd aau edu. Flowering heaviest in the spring, its deep, forestgreen leaves are a welcom. Clerodendrum ugandense, rotheca myricoides butterfly clerodendrum, blue butterfly bush, blue glory bower, blue wings rotheca hirsuta, clerodendrum hirsutum, clerodendrum natalense cats whiskers clerodendrum bungei cashmere cashmir bouquet, glory bower, clerodendron clerodendrum calamitosum white butterfly bush. Posted by marilyn northern ky zone 6a on may 27, 20 12.

Clerodendrum incisum, clerodendrum macrosiphon, rotheca. Highway, thaltej, ahmedabad 380054, gujarat, india. According to legend these trees possessed medicinal properties and one took a chance on them as it varied in several species. Clerodendrum bleeding heart is native to western africa. A synopsis of the 28 species and one variety of clerodendrum occurring in thailand is presented including the one endemic species, c. Pdf methanolic effect of clerodendrum myricoides root extract on. The caterpillars of two butterflies are known to breed on this tree. We do not intend the plant list to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. Another vine that works well for covering a fence or creating privacy. Chen hl, lee hj, huang wj, chou jf, fan pc, du jc, ku yl, chiou lc. Clerodendrumol, a new triterpenoid from clerodendrum. Clerodendrum ugandense, butterfly bush, shrub, rotheca. On aug 27, 2003, happenstance from northern california, ca wrote.

The plant list includes a further 237 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus clerodendrum. Pdf methanolic effect of clerodendrum myricoides root. Ethnopharmacological survey of samburu district, kenya. This is a tropical that must be protected from freezing temperatures. Le wercklea ferox est une malvaceae venue du costa rica. Although some types of clerodendrum are extremely invasive, clerodendrum bleeding heart is a wellbehaved, nonaggressive plant that reaches lengths of about 15 feet 4.

Even small plants will have a profusion of flowers so size can be restricted by growing in a pot. It has opposite leaves that are egg shaped, strongly toothed and about 34 in long. Lamiaceae deadnettle family kenya and uganda in east africa. The clerodendrum genus belongs to the broader lamiaceae family of plants. It is not related to the dicentra bleeding heart, a perennial with dainty pink or lavender and white blooms. Its common names include glorybower, bagflower and bleedingheart.

The flowers attract many insects, especially butterflies. Clerodendron myricoides ugandense 434393 professional images and videos of plants and gardens for use in magazines, books, calendars, brochures and other media. Clerodendrum calamitosum white butterfly bush clerodendrum heterophyllum, clerodendrum aculeatum tree of little stars, escambron, tamourette clerodendrum inerme, volkameria inermis wild jasmine, sorcerers bush, seaside clerodendrum, clerodendron clerodendrum minahassae fountain clerodendrum, clerodendron, tube flower. How clerodendrum is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Clerodendrum glabrum is one of the rain trees in south africa. Rotheca myricoides butterfly bush also a name for buddleja species is a species of flowering plant in the family lamiaceae. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below. Losbaum, schmetterlingsstrauch, ugandalosstrauch, blue butterfly flower synonyme. These are primarily included because names of species rank. Blue glory bowerclerodendrum myricoides ugandense the blue glory bower is a shrubby and unusual, clerodendrum from tropical and southern africa mostly uganda and zimbabwe. Clerodendrum splendens, glory bower vine, bears scarlet red clusters of. Practically everblooming, with 1 blueviolet flowers on long, thin stalks at the tops of the plants.

Rotheca species, blue butterfly bush, blue glory bower. Nonchristian herbalists were purported to combine herbal medicines with witchcraft and were not interviewed. Beds and borders, city, conservatory, containers, indoor, subtropical. The rain is caused by insects like froghoppers which suck moisture from. It grows to about 23m tall and flowers in late summer and autumn.

Rotheca myricoides previously known as clerodendrum ugandense or the blue butterfly bush is an attractive, openstructured, evergeen shrub with arching branches that bear sprays of small flowers that resemble delicate blue butterflies. This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. These have twining growth habit and make nice specimens for arbors, fences, or trellises. The medicinal plants investigated were asparagus racemosus, clutia abbysinica, clerodendrum myricoides, ehretia cymosia, leucas calostachys, toddalia. An ideal plant for a butterfly house, especially good for east african species as this plant is native to uganda. Rotheca myricoides clerodendrum ugandense clerodendrum. Clerodendrum myricoides ugandense blue glory bower. While forced plants are offered for purchase from april through to october, in the. Clerodendrum myricoides is a kenyan herbal plant used in the. It makes an excellent container plant, but grooming is needed to keep a specimen tidy. It is a twining, evergreen, woodystemmed vine that typically grows to 1012 long. Similar to clerodendrum splendens but with a much softer and cooler color palette. Rotheca myricoides, commonly called blue glory bower or blue butterfly bush, is a suckering evergreen shrub with a somewhat open habit which grows rapidly to 610 tall and as wide in its native habitat but more typically to 24 tall in containers in the st. Interdisciplinary studies to effectively combine ethnography, medical.

Clerodendrum myricoides ugandense butterfly bushrhs. Clerodendrum myricoides ugandense previously called clerodentron ugandense is unusual for its blue flowers, and would have to be high on the list of anyone planning a garden based around this colour scheme. The effect of clerodendrum myricoides aqueous extract on blood. Image blue glory bower clerodendrum myricoides ugandense.

Patel pharmaceutical education and research development perd centre, s. It bears red flowers with purple bracts and is a vigorous grower that suckers. A tender evergreen shrubby climber with beautiful pale and dark blue flowers, which resemble a butterfly in shape, from summer to autumn. Plants profile for clerodendrum bungei rose glorybower. Herman, email protected national botanical institute, private bag x101, pretoria, 0001 republic of south africa national botanical institute private bag x101 pretoria 0001 republic of south africa the leaf anatomy of clerodendrum triphyllum harv. Clerodendrum splendens, commonly called flaming glory bower is native to tropical western africa. The leaf anatomy of two clerodendrum species verbenaceae. The name is derived from the greek kleros meaning chance or fate and dendron meaning tree. Clerodendrum ugandense is a warmclimate plant which hails from tropical east africa. Methanolic effect of clerodendrum myricoides root extract on blood, liver and kidney tissues of mice hayelom k1, mekbeb a2, eyasu m3, wondwossen e4, kelbesa u5 1. A downloadable pdf document of a book in prepublication awaiting illustration. Clerodendrum myricoides ugandense blue glory bower will reach a height of 4m and a spread of 3m after 1020 years. This member of the verbenaceae family was given this name by robert brown and wilhelm vatke in 1882.

Note that this plant has now been renamed as rotheca myricoides. It produces beautiful bicolored blue flowers in the shape of butterflies. Clerodendrum herb uses, benefits, cures, side effects. Rotheca, butterfly bush, cambridge bush, oxford bush. Clerodendrum inerme leaf extract alleviates animal behaviors, hyperlocomotion, and prepulse inhibition disruptions, mimicking tourette syndrome and schizophrenia. Rotheca myricoides, formerly clerodendrum myricoides, is very similar but has purple flowers. Uses, benefits, cures, side effects, nutrients in clerodendrum.

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