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People werent kidding when they said burning season in chiang mai is bad. Also known as the burning season, this is a time when the air quality in northern thailand, especially chiang mai hits an alltime low due to several reasons. We are bringing our family to thailand the first 10 days of april. Burning season in chiangmai thailand lonely planet. Seasons of chiang mai you should know when planning your visit. Condo apartment rental old city, night bazaar areas 25 april 2020. Chiang mai burning season chiang mai message board.

As a result, chiang mai s air quality has experienced. Im going to be in thailand from the 10th of feb to the 1st of march in 2016 and was really excited to go to chiang mai and issan. I was told that the season is only during the month of march, but it actually starts in midfebruary and goes all the way until songkran thai new year in midapril. The burning season is usually late february through late april. It is the time when the air gets in northern thailand. Not only is it the cheapest way to prepare for the new planting season, but after burning the fields, a particular type of mushroom pops up that can be sold.

It begins as early as january and goes as long as late may, but the worst months are may and april. The reality of visiting northern thailand during the. This is my third burning season in chiang mai and each one has been different. Forest fire threatens wat phra borommathat doi koeng in doi tao. If you book your holiday outside of this period, youll avoid most of the pollution. You can stay in the old city thats very nice but that gets noisy during the weekend for the night markets. The best area is nimman, but its also the most expensive. The smoky season otherwise known as chiang mais burning season is an annual phenomenon many expats and travelers concern over.

Fingers crossed that we wont be in midst of burning season. On may the 8th a devastating vision met us all in chiang mai when we saw our beautiful mountain ablaze. That generally means about 67 weeks of the year where chiang mai is best avoided. Ive been to chiang mai a few times and it looks like i might be back in midfeb for a month.

Burning season 2016 chiang mai message board tripadvisor. This year im contemplating heading down to bangkok the rain only gave a bit of a reprieve. Northern thailand is manageable during the burning season but it is miserable for those last few weeks before songkran if youre a tourist and you want to. The name burning season comes from the act of northern thais burning the old crops to make way for the new planting season. Heres a complete guide that will prepare you to face the worst of the burning season in. Burning season in chiang mai when is it, how bad is it really. A update on my life in chiang mai thailand in burning season and under the partial lockdown rules for the coronavirus. Chiang mai s smoky season can make you physically uncomfortable and youll definitely miss out on the picturesque views. As you may have noticed on facebook, thaivisa, and reddit, the posts and confusion is almost nonstop.

Burning season in chiang mai chiang mai forum tripadvisor. Get chiang mai travel advice on tripadvisors chiang mai travel forum. If memory serves me, you guys have been living there for some years now. Its a far more complicated problem than simply banning the burning. Hi, ive been living and working in chiang mai for many years now, so unfortunately i have to stay here pretty much all year round this year, the smoke started already in the beginning of feb, and when i asked about it from some friends of mine local journalists, they told me that the new prime minister had said, that anyone who starts fires after feb 16, will be fined, so people are. Burning season in chiang mai all you need to know holidify. Breathing easy in polluted times the vogmak pollution. I will be in chaing mai 5 nights first week of march. The crop burning happens between late february and early april each year. Burning season question i know this topic always come up, so i apologize in advance. The hot season is also the time chiang mai suffers from air pollution due to forest fires, and farmers burning their agricultural land to prepare the soil with higher fertility for the next crop. Burning season chiang mai 2019 thailand forum tripadvisor. Impressed by the product and wanting to provide a product that could improve and protect the health of local residents throughout the burning season, harbottle contacted vogmasks southeast asian headquarters directly, and arranged for a special chiang mai only promotional notforprofit sale of their mask for chiang mai expat club members, family and friends. Chiang mai wasnt anywhere near that, so we decided to don face masks and suck it up.

During the months of march to may, the air quality of northern thailand takes a turn for the worse. Pollution and smog in chiang mai and northern thailand. At the time the sky was hazy and the air smelled like a campfire but we werent overly affected by the. Paddy or rice fields burning season chiang mai forum. Rain this week may have provided relief across chiang mai province from ongoing smog but sadly it hasnt stopped some people starting fires with. Officially burning season in chiang mai is from march 1st april 12th every year but can start a week before or after depending on the weather. These fires cause a lot of smoke and dust making the air. On tripadvisors chiang mai travel forum, travellers are asking questions and offering advice on topics like which month is rice field burning in chiang mai. Many travelers arent aware of this and thus have to face multiple problems. If you are concerned, why not make plans now for an alternative. Please post information, questions, concerns, should i come to chiang mai here.

Chiang mai is like the center of a bowl with surrounding hills and mountains, the smoke floats down into the bowl and settles on the city, creating the burning season kerfluffle. The burning season affects all of northern thailand chiang mai, pai, mae hong son, chiang dao, chiang rai, phayao, nan etc. Burning season in chiang mai when is it, how bad is it. The early effects of burning season in chiang mai, thailand. How to deal with chiang mais smoky season tieland to thailand. Burning season in chiang mai, thailand this year and every year starts from february 20th through april 12th. How to deal with chiang mais smoky season tieland to. If living in chiang mai has such a pollution problem for so many months during the burning season, what makes expats love this place so much. Burning season is the time of year when the air pollution in chiang mai is at its peak. If living in chiang mai, where are the best places to go during the burning season to get away from the smoke and how long would i need to be gone kind of stinks to think you would have to loose your apt. Even though its bearable to stay in chiang mai during burning season, and if you are young and otherwise healthy you can make it through. Heres our tips for planning on staying this time of year. Wouldnt recommend staying there during the burning season. Everything you want to know about burning season in chiang mai.

We have considered chiang mai but have heard this is during the burning. A survivors guide to chiang mais burning season iglu. When does it start, how bad is it really, and what the solution to ending it is. This is especially true if you have breathing problems triggered by air pollution. And the burning season in chiang mai will be back soon enough. How to deal with chiang mais burning season one cup of tee. As the annual crop season in north thailand comes to an end the only good sideeffect of the whole covid19 outbreak is a drop in the number of fires and plantation burning activity in the past few months. Getting towards the end of february here in chiang, mai, thailand and burning season is getting underway. We are also planning to go to bangkok and phuket area. Yes it is november 2019 and i am already thinking about febmarchapril 2020 but as a dad, i am serious.

The burning season gets going at the end of february and will usually last until midapril. Burning season 2016 was a particularly lengthy burning season, which continued on until may. Every year its the same story in chiang mai and northern thailand. Our experience with chiang mais smoky season we first arrived in chiang mai in march 20 right as the burning season was kicking into high gear. This is the time when air pollution spikes dramatically and the entire city is hazy all the time. Or why locals tend to vacation down south during this time. Yes, the smoky season otherwise known as chiang mais burning season. This short video was earlier in the day and then later in the evening. Your date feb 22 stands at the cusp of the hot season smog season. The first year it wasnt much of a problem but the second left me with lasting health problems. We have considered chiang mai but have heard this is during the burning season.

Its no wonder why tourists are hesitant to visit chiang mai during the burning season. Chiang mai has the worlds worst air quality for second. We first arrived in chiang mai in march 20 right as the burning season was kicking into high gear. Chiang mai burning continues, despite the assurances of the government that it will be stopped. Seasons of chiang mai you should know when planning your. The period of january to march is known as the burning smoky season in chiang mai. Burning season in chiang mai chiang mai message board. The period of january to march is infamously known as the smoky season in chiang mai. When does the chiang mai burning season start and how long does it last. The chiang mai burning season, should you avoid it. During those months, doi sutheps mountain views are obfuscated in smoke, and.

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