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Our ir viewer offers the brightest image available today. The hand held ir viewer was designed for the observation of near ir sources that radiate from 4000 nm, or you can choose the extended range ir viewer which has a range of 4001500 nm. Findrscope infrared viewer pn 84499a laser accessories infrared viewer product information figure 1. Hgh infrared systems is a global provider of electro optical devices for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and infrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines.

Tonbo imaging designs, builds and deploys advanced imaging and sensor systems to sense, understand and control complex environments. An ir viewer and ir cameras are ideal for detecting near ir sources, with a reasonably sharp image that is infocus edge to edge. Electrooptic and infrared systems 2 course details. The brightest image available today, hand held ir viewers are designed for observing near ir sources that radiate from 4000 nm. The electroviewer 7215 is a high performance, handheld infrared viewer designed to meet the requirements of viewing in the near ir wavelength range.

Stream vision mobile application mobile app pulsar. The product itself will remain within rohs compliant version. Ir plates and viewers ir viewers manufacturer from gurgaon. Findrscope infrared viewer the findrscope is a self contained, handheld infrared viewer operating in the nearinfrared range of the spectrum. When launched into a second photonic crystal fiber. Jmoljsmol is a molecular viewer for 3d chemical structures that runs in. Osa 30 ghz electrooptic frequency comb spanning 300 thz. Electro opticalinfrared eo ir sensors, theory of operations and performance evaluation. With over a half of a century pioneering infrared detector development, advanced sensor suites and robust targeting systems, leonardo drs has built a reputation for providing the innovative electro optical and infrared systems eois that u. Modern battlefields are dynamic, resulting in a multitude of situations and risks that require improved survivability and rapid decisionmaking. Thermal imaging relies on contrasting temperatures to clearly define objects, whereas humans are used to using contrasting colors and shadows to see definition in objects. Trijicon electro optics reapir 35mm thermal weapon sight. The dramatic increase of sophisticated gimbaled electro optic sensor systems that provide battlefield information has led to major developments in supporting hardware.

A tutorial on electroopticalinfrared eo ir theory and systems. The trijicon ir hunter family provides exceptional image quality, ease of use, and durability by using a 640x480, 12 micron thermal camera, ergonomic turret controls, and rugged aluminum construction. Ir beam viewers and sensor cards newport corporation. The electroviewer 7215 is a high performance, handheld infrared viewer designed to meet the requirements of viewing in the near. A tutorial on electroopticalinfrared eoir theory and. The field of view may be decomposed into its horizontal and vertical components, labeled as hfov and vfov respectively. The office of naval researchs eo ir sensors and sensor processing program has the objective of developing highperformance, lowcost, next generation electro optic sensors, devices and autonomous processing to provide realtime detection, tracking, classification, and identification of air, seasurface, and ground targets in all weather conditions. Electrooptical masint involves obtaining information from emitted or reflected energy, across the wavelengths of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. Electrooptical definition of electrooptical by the free.

Findrscope infrared viewer product information laser. These eo systems require an enormous amount of data to be transmitted across the rotating axes as well as power and other signals. A tutorial on electroopticalinfrared eoir theory and systems. Programs eoir sensors and sensor processing office of. Technical data sheet 5mm infrared led, t1 34 ir333a features.

Wescam mx15 eo ir hd camera for mediumaltitude covert isr and search and rescue missions for manned and unmanned airborne platforms. The irviewers sensitive detector is completely insulated against shock to prevent breakage that would otherwise cause system failure. The irv11700 miniature infrared viewer, low cost battery operated handheld viewer for the 3501700 nm range. This viewer is suitable when size and weight are more important.

However, it is possible to observe low intensity ir beam with proper viewing conditions, such as the spectral filtration, reduced external background noise, short distance of observation, the use of a metallic surface for viewing the ir reflective radiation instead of a paper material, which has high. Typically, the sensitivity of the ir viewer quickly is reduced starting from 0 nm. Our products includes thermal security cameras, electro optics system, special power sources and oem solutions, serving the markets with excellent products and strong technology support. Design challenges regarding high definition electroopticinfrared stabilized imaging systems. Labview based gui controller software for 3910 series drivers.

Electro optical masint is a subdiscipline of measurement and signature intelligence, masint and refers to intelligence gathering activities which bring together disparate elements that do not fit within the definitions of signals intelligence sigint, imagery intelligence imint, or human intelligence humint. This feature helps ensure your viewer will last long after an occasional bump or drop, and keep it protected well after the warranty has expired. Ive been involved with airsoft for about two years being affiliated with a large local group of people in our community who meet regularly and have scheduled games, ops, and events. The views expressed in the papers, publications, and articles available on this site are entirely and solely those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect official thinking or policy either of her majestys government or of the ministry of defence. With over a half of a century pioneering infrared detector development, advanced sensor suites and robust targeting systems, leonardo drs has built a reputation for providing the innovative electrooptical and infrared systems eois that u. Electro opticalinfrared eo ir sensors is a 2day technical training designed to cover the foundation of electro opticalinfrared eo ir sensors, theory of operations, modeling, simulation, performance evaluation, test procedures, and test result interpretations. Trijicon irhunter mk3 60mm thermal riflescope trijicon. The 528page book provides detailed coverage of radiometry and infrared system analysis and design. A tutorial on electro opticalinfrared eoir theory and systems. The trijicon electro optics reap ir handheld thermal weapon sight is a compact yet powerful scope that lets you locate targets in any light. The enhanced els1150 series is the highest performing electro optic level switch from gems sensors. Direct measurement of the electric field of light in the near infrared is experimentally demonstrated, showing that careful optical filtering allows the timeresolved detection of electric field.

Bird universal electrooptic test bench for ir detectors. It uses pyradi in the extensively documented computational examples. Socalled handheld viewers are used to make invisible ir or uv laser radiation visible. Sector optics is a new brand offering unique solution in optical and electro optical devices. When you need a thermal weapon sight that lets you move from rifle to rifle with ease, look no further than the reap. Until recently, ir thermal signature analysis suffered from a disparity between the geometry required to predict signatures and the geometry used to design vehicles. The field of view fov the fieldofview fov is the range of angles from which the incident radiation can be collected by the detector. A high resolution image converter tube, and high voltage.

Ocean optics applied spectral knowledge spectrometers. Infrared viewers are designed to observe indirect radiation of ir. Ground target infrared signature modeling with the. The sofradir infrared viewer 7215 sets new standards with an image that is sharp and infocus edge to edge. Ballistic calculator allows to calculate corrections for aiming depending on cartridge parameters, distance to target, elevation angle, weather conditions air pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction.

The military electro opticsinfrared eoir systems offerings were also taken into consideration to determine the market segmentation. Laser beam viewers and sensor cards are used to safely locate optical beams that are invisible to the human eye. Electro optical sensors are used whenever light needs to be converted to energy. The intended replacement for prism, the multiservice electro optic signature muses code, has recently been developed and offers increased capabilities and ease of use. Eo ir systems are commonplace in both civil and military applications and as the technology matures their capability continues to grow and their cost begins to come down. Fjw is the leading supplier of infrared and uv viewers and accessories. Choose your perfect magnification and field of view from the ir hunter mk2 and ir hunter mk3 products. Description highspeed, voltagecontrolled laser beam scanner with novel optical phenomenon using ktn crystal the new spectrometer is using a combination of a kta1xnbxo3 ktn optical beam scanner and a wavelength dispersion element. Choose from over 72 products thermal imaging scopes including infrared scopes by trijicon, atn, sig sauer and armasight. Airsoft is a great sport and hobby that encourages teamwork, hon. Infiniti electrooptics extreme longrange surveillance. Irv series infrared ir viewers are designed to observe radiation emitted by infrared laser or laser diode light sources that cant be seen with the naked eye.

That package is similar to some of the podded electrooptical infrared eoirsystems used by other nonstealthy aircraft and unmanned aerial systems, says a veteran blackworld engineer with insight into us uas programs. They function similar to display cards and conversion screens, with the exception that they may not be held directly into the laser beam. Crisp, clean, bright images unmatched by any other ir viewer. Your account gives you full control over what you receive from us.

Because of this, electro optical sensors can be seen almost anywhere. Electrooptical eo infrared ir sensor technology increase the effective resolution of almost any imaging system. Pdf design challenges regarding high definition electro. You must have an active account and be logged in to access certain parts of the website within your account, you will also have the option to receive information from us, such as our magazine and our email newsletters.

Lasers,laser parts,laser machines,instrument crystals,fiber,fiber optics electro optic devices,laser accessories. Electro optical industries, is a global provider of photonics equipment for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and visibleinfrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines. Top 5 vendors in the military electrooptical and infrared. Sep 09, 2014 laser components has introduced uv ir viewers, which offer viewers superior clarity for applications where a very precise alignment of an invisible beam is required.

Electro optical industries, is a global provider of photonics equipment for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and visible infrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines. Electrooptic and infrared systems 1 cranfield university. Everett infrared and electrooptic technology frame. Ir viewer infrared viewer electroviewer series cascade. Near ir electrooptic imaging fourier transform spectrometer. Executive summary this document is an annotated version of a seminar produced by ida for the office of the deputy assistant secretary of defense for developmental test and evaluation. Akar september 2010, 110 pages in this thesis, a modified 2d discrete cosine transform based electro optic and ir image fusion algorithm is proposed and implemented on an fpga platform. This can make thermal imaging less effective in situations where definition is expected but the surface temperatures of objects are very uniform, such as printed text and images. Mda specializes in advanced algorithm and processing techniques for eo and ir systems increasing the effective resolution and improving image quality of almost any sensor system or reducing the cost of a new system by utilizing smaller, less expensive optics. The field of electro optic and infrared eo ir technology continues to progress rapidly. Electrooptic sampling of nearinfrared waveforms nature. Common applications are smartphones where sensors are used to adjust screen brightness, and smartwatches in which sensors are used to. Inspired by the dragonflys eye, we at tonbo imaging design, build and deliver imaging solutions to sense, understand and control complex environment. Insight bites featuring the ocean insight team of scientists, experts, creative thinkers that help to unlock the unknown using applied spectral knowledge ask.

Electro optics eo ir systems for homeland security. Pantilt units with exceptional pointing performance and. Developments in electro optical eo and infrared ir systems are key to providing the enhanced capability needed by military forces to meet the current and emerging challenges created through an increasingly difficult and complex range of operational conditions. Electroopticalinfrared eoir sensors tonex training. Electrooptic products combine innovation technology, excellence in. Ir viewer ir cameras ir sensor cards infrared viewer. Unlike any other infrared imaging device, the electroviewer delivers an image that is remarkably bright. Midinfrared dualcomb spectroscopy with electrooptic. The trijicon electro optics reap ir 35mm mini thermal weapon sight uses a stadiametric rangefinder for precise accuracy. Jun 02, 2015 presentation of the new electro optical analysis software. We offer superior product reliability, excellent customer service, and provide the best value for our customers. The bottomup procedure was employed to arrive at the overall military electro opticsinfrared eoir systems market size by estimating the revenue of key players in the market. Mar photonics offer a handheld infrared spectrometer based on the acoustooptic.

The initial comb is subsequently amplified, spectrally broadened in normal dispersion photonic crystal fiber, and then temporally compressed to provide 74 fs pulses with average power of up to 2. The infrared and electrooptical systems handbook by, 1993, infrared information analysis center, spie optical engineering press edition, in english. The infrared and electrooptical systems handbook 1993. Wescam mx20 eo ir hd camera for highaltitude, longrange, persistant surveillance missions on manned and unmanned airborne platforms. With its fully functional ballistic calculator stream vision application is a powerful tool for professional long range sports shooters. These viewers convert invisible infrared and ultraviolet light to visible light allowing a user to see the invisible light. Physics of electro optic detectors pdf version preamplifiers for electro optic detectors pdf version click on the link below to download a reader for pdf files. Beginning with a continuous wave laser at 1064 nm, we generate a 30 ghz electro optic frequency comb which contains 100 lines spanning 3 thz. Choose your perfect magnification and field of view from the ir hunter mk2 and ir. Infiniti is a leading manufacturer of electro optic cctv and hd ip camera systems, offering thermal infrared, longrange ir night vision, gyro stabilization and more in our turnkey ptz surveillance systems. Trijicon electro optics manufactures these thermal imaging scopes from 6061 aircraftgrade aluminum.

These viewers utilise topof therange photocathodes for a superb spectral range covering 1801550nm. Top 5 vendors in the military electrooptical and infrared systems market from 2016 to 2020. An optical bench illuminates the detector under test with accurate and calibrated optical signals. Here we have extended the operation of dualcomb spectroscopy with electro optic modulators to the mid infrared range, with first results in the 3. Product lines include new id internal display systems, thermal imagers and many other optical commercial products. You can change this selection at any time, but products in your cart, saved lists, or quote may be removed if they are unavailable in the new shipping country. Infrared viewer product discontinued edmund optics.

Ir viewers are ideal for applications involving the alignment of infrared laser. The spectral region of this spectrometer is in the near ir spectral band of 1 2. Electro optical techniques include measurement of the radiant intensities, dynamic motion, and the materials composition of a target. Infrared viewer focus emitted or reflected light from a chosen subject into the image tube where.

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