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Pt100 temperature sensor datasheet the most common type of resistance thermometer rtd is the pt100 temperature sensor. The combination of resistance tolerance and temperature coefficient define the resistance vs. To get precision and accuracy out of your platinum pt100 or pt rtd you must use an amplifier that is designed to read the low resistance. The sensing element has a theoretical sensing range of 200 to. Pt100 which conforms to the international standard, and the other is jpt 100 which is the japanese. Rtds or resistance temperature detectors are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes. Rtds exhibit excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range. The elements resistance increases with temperature in a known and repeatable manner. Complete technical details can be found at the pt100 sensor datasheet given at the end of this page. The rf rtd has a 200 to 650c 328 to 1200f temperature rating with dependable readings and high accuracy. Rtds are relatively immune to electrical noise and therefore well suited for temperature measurement in industrial environments, especially around motors, generators and other.

Most resistance temperature detectors rtds consist of a fine wire typically platinum wrapped around a ceramic core, exhibiting a linear increase in resistance as temperature rises. Rtd elements and rtd probes resistance temperature. Precision temperature sensing with rtd circuits an687. An example of a transfertfunction of a measurement 4. Platinum resistance temperature sensors pt100 pt kongsberg. May 03, 2018 the pt100 sensor is just like a variable resistor, whose resistance varies with respect to the environment temperature. Pt100 datasheet, pt100 pdf, pt100 data sheet, pt100 manual, pt100 pdf, pt100, datenblatt, electronics pt100, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data sheet. Pt100 temperature sensor the pt100 temperature sensor is used to monitor temperature in concrete, rock and soil. These sensors are a wellliked choice in many industries, mainly laboratories and industrial processes. Arduino temperature measurement with rtd pt100 420ma. Pushbutton programmable, can be programmed in the field. Class a din platinum element u 4wire construction standard u powerful 6 kg lb pull magnet u widerange of leads available 20 0.

Better yet, have an amplifier that can automatically adjust and compensate for the resistance of the connecting wires. Common rtd sensing elements constructed of platinum, copper or nickel have a repeatable resistance versus temperature relationship r vs t and operating temperature range. High temperature with unprotected thermocouple and protection tubes. Know that the behavior of a measurement also in uences the controlparameters pid 5. There are many types of pt100 sensors, the one we use here is a two wire one. Why use an rtd instead of a thermocouple or thermistor sensor. Compatible with plcs, meters, data acquisition, and hazard monitoring system with 3wire pt100 rtd inputs. Pt 100 or pt100 is one of the most used temperature sensor. In fact, the platinum resistance temperature detector, or rtd pt100, is used today as an interpolation standard from the oxygen point 182. This sensor is vibration resistant and the connection heads feature fast mounting and replacement. Rtds are limited to temperatures of 1200 f and because of the construction of the sensing element, rtds do not do well in highvibration and severe mechanical shock environments.

Temperature coefficient temperature coefficient for rtds is the ratio of the resistance change per 1 deg. Pt100 table discover furniture deals and greater discover. Pt100 sensor working principle a pt100 is a sensor used to measure temperature. The abbreviation rtd comes from resistance temperature detector. Its nominal resistance at 0c is resistance values of the whole series are higher by a factor of 10.

The platinum rtd temperature sensors accuracy is better than other sensors, such as the thermocouple and thermistor. Each type of temperature sensor has a particular set of conditions for which it is best suited. The sensor is ideal for monitoring temperature during. Ultimate temperature sensor measurement solution most flexible front end for a wide range of industrial sensors.

The most common type of resistance thermometer rtd is the pt100 temperature sensor. The plot below illustrates platinum sensor conformance to the. Platinum resistance temperature sensors pt100 pt rela tion temperature vs. With a measuring range of 58 to 572 degrees f, rtds generally have higher accuracy and repeatability than thermocouples, but their response times are slower.

Rtd theory page 4 rtd resistances although rtds are typically ordered as 100 ohm platinum sensors, other resistances 200 ohm, 500 ohm, ohm, etc. Okazaki temperature sensors are manufactured and tested by experienced technicians under an iso 9001 quality control system. Its dimensions are slightly larger 4 x 5 uninsulated. The pt100 is a common rtd constructed from platinum with a resistance of 100. Pt100, rtd sensors prmag series prmag2100as1m shown actual size. Following the recommenda tions in this manual can help obtain maximum life and dependability. In this sensor, the resistor is actually a small strip of platinum with a resistance of 100 or ohms at. They have been used for many years to measure temperature in laboratory and industrial processes, and have developed a reputation for accuracy, repeatability, and stability. Head mounted transmitter, fully linearized, pt100 input only. As an industrystandard pt 100 resistant temperature detector rtd, the rosemount 65 rtd temperature sensor is a single or dual element device designed per iec 751 and capable of covering a wide range of temperatures. The pt 100 is for use with the terminator electronic control. The pt100 sensor is just like a variable resistor, whose resistance varies with respect to the environment temperature. Fixed to downscale temperature detectors are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes. The pt100 temperature sensors are very common sensors in the process industry.

It is one type of sensor which falls into a group called resistance temperature detectors or rtds. The sensor is used in the same way as the pt100 sensor. Know that there are speci c problems with each type of sensor 6. Resistance temperature detector basicvalues pt100 1. Rosemount volume 1 temperature sensor and thermowells optimize plant efficiency and increase measurement reliability with industryproven design and specifications available in a variety of sensing technologies rtd and thermocouples all sensor styles and lengths are available in 14in.

Pt100 temperature sensor useful things to know beamex blog. This rtd plug sensor is ideal for pressure vessel applications, pressurized containers and applications requiring a temperature sensor with an npt mounting fitting. Swaged rtd sensor pt100 with miniature weatherproof head. Resistance according to iec751 its90 ptsiec751ce 20041125. The r vs t relationship is defined as the amount of resistance change of the sensor per degree of temperature change. Pt100 ohm rtd temperature vs resistance table degree c. U measure surface temperature of ferrous materials u springmounted probe u 100. Pt100 temperature sensor pinout click the image to enlarge it pin configuration. When selecting a temperature sensor for an application you should consult your temperature sensor manufacturer for. These sensors have a coiled spring for strain relief, which protects lead wire against sharp bends in the transition area. Resistance temperature detectors rtd, as the name implies, are sensors used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the rtd element with temperature.

A rtd sensing element consists of a wire coil or deposited film of pure metal. Rtd elements are also available with 0c resistances of 200, 500, and 2000 1. These probes have a waterresistant connection and a measurement range of 100 to 300c 148 to 572f. As the pt100 is an rtd sensor, lets look first at what an rtd sensor is. For precision temperature sensing, nothing beats a platinum rtd. If youre looking for a great rtd sensor, today is your lucky day because we have a lovely adafruit rtd sensor amplifier with the. Resistance temperature detectors tempsens instruments pvt.

Cheap but robust for use and capable to directly interface with plc. Before understanding how the sensor works, it is worth looking at some of the terminology used as this is extremely useful to know when identifying a sensor. The larger the element tolerance, the more the sensor will deviate from a generalized curve, and the more variation there will be from sensor to sensor interchangeability. Once the rtd element is selected, the wiring and packaging requirements need to be determined. Rtd pt100 selectionguide tj transition junction to lead wires otp standard threeprong connector stripped lead connection style can be supplied with connectors on request mtp miniature threeprong connector pr11, 16, 17 pr12, 14, seriesno. Platinum is especially suited to this purpose, as it can withstand high temperatures while maintaining excellent stability.

Rtd lead wires application the pt 100 temperature sensor is designed for use as control input for freeze protection and temperature maintenance heat tracing applications requiring pipewall or tankwall temperature sensing. The pt sensor is the big brother of the pt100 sensor. Please read this manual thoroughly before use to help avoid any problems and keep it handy when using the pt100 temperature sensor. Temperature sensors advanced valve and instrument inc. Resistance temperature detectors rtd, because the call implies, are sensors used to measure temperature by using correlating the resistance of the rtd element with temperature. The advantages and disadvantages of the rtd temperature sensing element is summarized in table 1. There are a number of ways to wire the sensors, along with an unlimited number of probe or sensor constructions to choose from.

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