2011 fox float rp23 owners manual

I have been using manitou air shocks and found them vastly superior to the. The side of the lever with the inscription closed must be facing outwards from the wheel, and the axle lever must be positioned between one 1. Canyon nerve al 29 and full service of fox float ctd rear shock duration. Internal service should be performed by fox racing shox. This video guides you through the basic process of measuring important aspects of your rear shock including. If you ride in extreme conditions, service your shock and air sleeve more frequently. Clean the outside of your shock with soap and water and wipe dry with a soft dry rag. Correct set up for your rp23 shock is essential to get the best ride out of your new frame. Internal service should be performed by fox racing shox or an authorized service center.

Because i will make a service and i stuck at those holders when i pull the body out. Eyetoeye length, travel, eyelet hardware width, and fox measuring a rear shock on vimeo. Fox forks manual 2010 pdf here you will find information to help you setup, use, and service your fox bike that walk you through reconfiguring or rebuilding your fox forks and. Competitive cyclist shows how to set up the fox rp23 rear shock. If your measured sag value doesnt match the table value, add or release air pressure in 5 psi increments. Competitive cyclist guide to fox rp23 shock set up youtube. A stuck down condition results from a failure of the dynamic air seal located between the positive and. Fox float rp23 manual pdf sweet bike with a rear shock that is a little less crappy than a fox float fox help center bike 20162019 float dps rebuild or service a fox shock that is in a for instructions to service the.

If you can find your bikes manual online you should be able to get the intiial setup info in that, most. Before riding take time to read this manual on setup, use and service of the shock. By doing so, you have chosen the finest suspension product in the world. Get manuals for custom oe products complete pdf booklet 1. Do not use a high pressure washer to clean your shock. Read its strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing. Fox racing shox 2009 owners manual float rp23 page 233. Thank you for choosing fox racing shox for your bicycle.

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